I help companies design and implement secure, available,  cost-effective infrastructure for their  business.  I bring 20 years of varied experience and industry best practices to bear to help organizations compete in the modern computing landscape.

Here are some of the ways I can help:

Milestone reviews

I will review your current project and make detailed and actionable recommendations for improvements.

Weekly guidance

With this option, I’ll ride alongside your team and provide a number of hours of guidance per week. I’ll provide strategic feedback, conduct architecture or design reviews, and advise on your process and workflow. This regular guidance helps ensure the train stays on the tracks throughout the entire course of the project.

Just one of the gang

With this option, I’ll take a hands-on role in the project and become part of your team. In addition to providing guidance and feedback, I’d also be working on the actual production work with you all. This option provides an opportunity for me to help facilitate collaboration so the team can create exemplary work that’s on time and on budget.